Atomic EFI Kit, with Fuel Pump (Master Kit)

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This is the complete kit for anyone planning to convert from a carburetor to Atomic EFI. You get the Throttle Body, Power Module (with Wide Band O2 sensor), Handheld Controller, and the Standard Fuel Kit for up to 525hp (at the crank).

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Today, there is no reason your muscle car or hot rod shouldn’t start, idle and cruise down the road as smoothly as a newer car. When it comes to the installation and initial setup, the Atomic Throttle Body Injection system is the
easiest way to convert your classic car to EFI. As far as performance, the advanced self-learning technology of the Atomic is constantly monitoring and analyzing the engine’s operating conditions ensuring that you receive the best possible driveability.

With the ECU and built-in sensors integrated into the throttle body, the Atomic has fewer wiring connections than any other system, plus there is no bulky ECU to mount. This design makes the conversion to EFI much easier to install and program while keeping things clean under the hood.

The Atomic EFI provides the performance and driveability benefits that you expect from fuel injection. Quick starts, smooth idle and great throttle response just to name a few. Combine the fact that the Atomic will support ignition timing through the ECU and you have a win-win combination. Initial timing is handled through a compact handheld monitor where you simply answer a few car guy questions about your engine and you’re off and running!

This monitor can be removed from the car after it’s running, or left in place so you can monitor engine parameters in real-time. The Atomic TBI system will turn the car you love into the car you love to drive.
CARB Approved
8 Connections
Single Fuel Line
No Laptop
Fuel Pump Included

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Weight 7.03 kg
Dimensions 10.25 × 21 × 8.75 cm


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