High Pressure Electric Fuel Pump, 43 GPH

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Multiport EFI systems require a stable fuel supply to maintain best performance throughout the engine’s rpm range.

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This high pressure and high flow Fuel Pump features a roller vane pump mechanism which is extremely resistant to clogging and jamming. The pump mounts in-line (out of the fuel tank) with two supplied cushioned clamps for a quick and sturdy installation. The nipple inlet and outlet are 3/8″. The wire terminals feature brass studs for secure connections. Made in the USA, the pump is ideal for use as a “booster” for nitrous oxide applications, or as a stand alone pump for multi-port EFI systems on engines up to approximately 525 HP. Capable of 48 GPH at 43 PSI.Features: 48 GPH at 43 psi 3/8″ hose nipple inlet 3/8″ hose nipple outlet

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