Nitrous Oxide Injection System Kit – 4150 4-BBL/GASOLINE (100-200-300-400-500HP) WITH COMPOSITE BOTTLE

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The conventional Pro Power system features an extremely high flow nitrous plate and large orifice solenoid to ensure maximum nitrous flow. The CNC billet plate provides superior distribution and atomization for maximum performance.

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The conventional Pro Power is the perfect mid level nitrous system for the budget minded sportsman racer. These systems feature the most advanced technology using the conventional spraybarless design. The Phase 3 series plates are the “Next Generation” in nitrous performance and reliability. This new innovation in nitrous plate technology provides superior distribution and outstanding atomization. With no spray bars to sag, split, block airflow, or damage this is truly the “Next Generation” in nitrous plate technology. Systems come complete and include limited lifetime guaranteed Lightning solenoids, heavy duty 40 amp relay, COMPOSITE BOTTLE, stainless bottle brackets, and extra long supply line.


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